Sara Grissom

Creative Designer, Fit Specialist

Favorite place you have raced? Camp Eagle near Rocksprings, Texas. Being there made me feel like a kid at summer camp again.

Favorite hobby? I basically collect hobbies and couldn’t pick a favorite if I tried. I recently took up bouldering as cross-training for running and now I’m surprisingly obsessed with it. I also draw, paint, and do crafts. And of course, I’m a huge nerd who loves a good tabletop game.

Favorite restaurant in Austin? 24 Diner. Their entire menu is amazing!

How many running shoes do you usually rotate around? I typically have about four or five in rotation at any given time, but I’ve been known to play favorites.

Bio: I first got into running back in 2013 while going to grad school in Boston. Since then, I have raced a wide range of distances, from the mile up to the marathon. Now I’m setting my sights on ultramarathons after discovering my love of trail running here in Austin. Before joining the team at Ready to Run, I got my start fitting people for running shoes at City Sports and Luke’s Locker, and have enjoyed helping runners of all skill levels.