RTR Fit Process

The staff at Ready to Run is fully trained and knowledgeable on footwear technology, function and movement of the lower limbs and common running injuries. We believe that each customer’s needs and goals are unique and cannot be generalized into one specific process. However, there are a few components that regularly occur during the fitting.

First, we start by measuring each foot to determine what will be the best size for a running shoe. We will then check the flexibility of the arch and big toe and watch to see the movement of the foot and legs while walking barefoot. This helps us determine a starting point for types of shoes to bring out. We then watch the customer walk or run in each shoe we pick for them and make adjustments if necessary.

Our staff is well versed in different activity and fitness levels. We can also help with recommendations on over the counter insoles. If you believe you have a more complex issue, we also have a Board Certified Pedorthist on staff that works by appointment here.

Commonly asked questions –

  • Do I need an appointment?

    Nope! Just come by during our regular business hours and we will be here to help. (If you are looking for CUSTOM orthotics, you DO need an appointment. Please contact Bill Stone)

  • How long will it take?

    A typical gait analysis will take around 20-30 minutes.

  • What should I wear and bring?

    There is no dress code but it will probably be easier for you to test product if you are wearing athletic gear. It’s not necessary but bringing your current pair of running/walking shoes is helpful for us. If you wear orthotics in your athletic shoes, PLEASE bring them.

  • How much does it cost?

    No cost! This is a complementary service we provide and is part of the experience of shopping at RTR.

  • What is our return policy?

    We accept exchanges or store credit within 30 days of the purchase date. We ask that you bring back the merchandise in the original packaging and with your receipt.

Foundations Footwear: Custom Pressure Redistribution Foot Orthotics, Biomechanical Assessment & Gait Analysis

Bill Stone Board Certified Pedorthist (2001)

Master athletic shoe, hiking and ski boot fitter (1993). An accomplished coach, triathlete, runner and cyclist.

Services Include:

Private Shoe Fittings $25

Biomechanical Gait Analysis $50-$75

Orthotics $275

Shoe/Orthotic modifiers, modifications, repairs and elevation lifts. I personally make the finest hand-crafted custom accommodative insoles and custom functional orthotics

*Services filled through doctor/physician prescription

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