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A locally owned and locally operated running specialty store in Austin, Texas. We specialize in gait analysis to help find the right shoe for YOU. No matter your foot type or mechanics we can help. Whether you’re walking, road running, trail running or any type of cross training, the right gear is imperative. Our experienced staff can guide you in the right direction for any type of product.


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Below are just a few of our recent reviews from Yelp, Google, and Facebook. We love our customers and make their happiness our top priority!

  • My new favorite shoe store for athletic shoes. They take the time to analyze your walk to make sure you have the perfect shoe. I have unique feet and walk so this place made it so easy and walked out with the most comfortable shoes I have bought yet. My wife brought me and funny thing is we ended up with the same brand lol! Great store!
    Jason B.
    Yelp Review
  • When I got back there, with my some weeks old (and therefore quite tested) shoes to buy some inlays for my slipping heels, they made me test other pairs and in the end, I left the store with a brand new pair. Didn't charge me anything - even though I haven't had the box or receipt anymore. Awesome service! Buying running shoes can be tricky and lengthy, but they are very patient and helpful. Definitely, recommend them over any other store!
    Jakob Galbavy
    Google Review
  • As a new runner who is ready to buy your first great pair of shoes, this is the place to do it! They were so helpful and I found just the right pair of shoes. After owning a pair of $20 payless shoes to start running I decided it was time for an upgrade as I was starting to get some knee pain. I had a great experience buying my new shoes. I will definitely be going back for my next pair!
    Elizabeth Baxter
    Facebook Review
  • This place is awesome! I walked in, told the salesperson what I was looking for, and walked out in short order with the perfect pair of shoes at a reasonable price. He measured me, watches my gait, and selected two different shoes that were absolutely perfect for me. No condescension or intimidation here-- just nice folks who know their stuff and want to get you in the right shoe. I will be back, and I'll tell all my friends!
    Jamie L.
    Yelp Reviewer
  • If you need running shoes I highly recommend Ready to Run in Austin, they were friendly, very knowledgeable, and provided great customer service!
    Mary Becerra
    Google Reviewer
  • Awesome staff and great store. They were very patient despite my toddler playing with items and putting them back (in the wrong places) Julie was very helpful and I am very pleased with my Brooks, having run in them for a few weeks now. Not everyone in Austin was sweet and patient with this out-of-towner, mommy-toddler duo, but these guys were top notch! #shoplocal
    Summer Maness
    Facebook Review


Whether you are preparing for your next Full or Half Marathon or your first Mile, we can point you towards the program or training group to get you ready. By combining the coaching and basic training necessary to build-up mileage towards your goal event you'll feel prepared to take on that next challenge. Check out our growing list of fun local group runs and training groups to help you get to that next level.


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