Rachel Baptista

Fit Specialist

Favorite place you have raced? The Armory in New York! It just felt so surreal running on the same track as so many amazing runners had raced on before me. Plus, that sound of feet pounding an indoor track is so intense!

Favorite hobby? I am a huge Belieber, so I listen to a lot of J Biebs and hang out with my English Bulldog Chunky.

Favorite restaurant in Austin? Oh man that is so hard! I think I’ll have to go with the trusty Maudie’s on Lake Austin Boulevard. I go there about twice a week and order the exact same thing!

How many running shoes do you usually rotate around? I usually have about 3-4 pairs in rotation. Putting on a different pair than I wore the day before makes me feel more jazzed up to get out the door.

Bio: I got in to running because I wanted to get in shape for soccer my junior year of high school. I quickly realized that running was where my passion lived and ended up going to the University of Colorado for college. After a much needed break from demands of college running and injuries, I decided to try and run a marathon. I fell in love with running high mileage and qualified for the 2020 Olympic Trials running 2:33 in the Houston Marathon. Can’t wait to see what’s next!