Josef Stone

Fit Specialist

Favorite place you have raced? District race at Lockhart. PRd by a massive amount and had fun eating BBQ with the team to celebtrate.

Favorite hobby? Of course, running is a pretty big part of my life. You can pretty much catch me training with Paul Carozza pretty much yearlong for cross country and track. I’m a 800m/1600m guy at heart, but I love the 5k as well. Aside from that, chilling with my dog Leo is a must, I also love longboarding, and jamming to punk roc music with my friends.

Favorite restaurant in Austin? It’s basic, but Torchy’s Tacos. Sure the tacos are great, but I love the place more for the atmosphere it has and the countless memories me and my friends have made there.

How many running shoes do you usually rotate around? 2-3 max. I like to have on shoes for my fast, tempo. and track sessions, and one with a little more cushion for my long runs.

Bio: I was born and raised here in Austin for the last 17 years. I love traveling, especially to see my dad’s side from all over the states, as well as my mom’s side who all reside in Munich, Germany. I’ve always been a very active person, and sport has played a huge role in myself since I can remember. For me, running, was for the longest time a punishment, something that I just had to do to stay in shape for soccer season, but that really changed my 7th grade year of middle school. To my surprise, my coach ended up putting me in the mile. I ended up getting third place, and from there, a passion was formed.