Ready to Run has You Covered for Christmas!

Yeah, no doubt about it, it’s getting cold out. As runners, we can easily adapt to any conditions with the proper gear and knowledge.

Don’t overdress. It’s tempting to throw on everything you have got when the temperatures dip to high 30s and low 40s, but this can be a mistake. You’ll warm up fairly quickly, and end up sweating, which is counter-productive in the cold, so dress smart. Pick the right clothes based on the current temperature, but act like it’s 10 degrees warmer.

Layer up. It’s long been known that the key to staying comfortable when running during the winter is layering. Layers provide a pocket of air between each layer, which your body heats up, creating a built in warmer. For example, mid-40° — which is actually ideal PR weather—calls for a light base layer—think half-tights with regular running shorts over that. For your torso, a tech short-sleeved shirt and a second layer of a singlet should do the trick nicely.

Colder temps call for flexibility. Wind, rain, and snow can affect your choice of gear. When the temperatures dip into the low 30s, and upper 20s, you’ll probably want to wear running tights, a long sleeve tech shirt, and a vest or running jacket over that. And remember, layers allow you to control your internal temperature—you can easily unzip or take off your running jacket, remove your hat, or take off a mid-layer to adjust to your comfort during running.

And don’t forget a beanie and gloves! A cold head and cold hands can be miserable, but that is easily remedied.  Ready to Run has you covered with the “Boco Cactus Beanie,” pictured at top. A warm hat can make all of the difference on a cold, windy day!

“The Boco Cactus Beanies are great for cold weather running and have a fun look as well,” said store manager Rory Tunningley, who is currently training up to 90 miles a week to race in the Marathon Project on December 20. “And don’t forget, we have a deal on socks (for stocking stuffers—buy three pairs, get the fourth pair free.”

Other items at Ready to Run for your runner’s Christmas list include the Premvida Massage Gun. Recovery post-run is extremely important, especially considering that you are more likely to have tight muscles when it’s cold. With it’s four speed frequency levels to soothe your muscles from a light relaxing massage all the way to a high intensity percussion deep tissue massage, the Premvida Massage Gun is a terrific gift for runners.

So shop local: Ready to Run has You Covered!

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