Austin runner Luis Lemus hopes to run in the 2:35 range at Boston.

More than 200 Austin runners are entered into this year’s 127th Boston Marathon—about 100 of those entered are women. Many of the entrants are longtime Austin residents, while some are newcomers. One relative newcomer is Luis Lemus, who ran his first marathon – the Ascension Seton Austin Marathon in 2022, clocking a 2:47:46. He made a big jump at the California International Marathon last December, running a 2:38:37 in only his second marathon. Lemus is hoping to kick butt at Boston, which is set for Monday, April 17.

“I didn’t really train for downhill running ahead of CIM, so the downhills kind of took their toll,” said Lemus. “I  sorta blew out my legs in the last miles there!”

A senior financial analyst at Excel Fitness, Lemus moved to Austin from Los Angeles two years ago. Considering he didn’t start running until his mid-to-late 20s, Lemus, 32, is progressing extremely well.

His strong athletic background certainly has played a role in his fitness and endurance. Lemus was a midfielder on Western Michigan University’s soccer team, and one of four senior team captains. Unfortunately Lemus hurt his ACL playing soccer with a co-ed league back in his home town of Oklahoma City around 2015. The good news is running typically does not have an impact on ACLs, and Lemus started running around 2017.

“I’ve built up my mileage to around 65 miles a week, running once a day.,” he said. With Boston just around the corner, Lemus recently got in a confidence-boosting long run.

“I pretty much run one long run a week, usually on Saturdays. I ran a 21 miler on March 24,” said Lemus, who trains with Austin’s RAW running as well as with Bat City Track Club. “The workout included a good chunk of running at 10-20 seconds per mile faster-than-marathon pace.”

“Luis’ infectious enthusiasm and likability are ever present as is his significant talent. His magic power is his ability to make high level marathon training an enjoyable ride not only for him, but for everyone around him. said Bat City Track Club coach Jeff Cunningham.

Lemus finds the discipline he learned training as a collegiate soccer player has translated well to running. “Obviously the fitness/endurance plays a huge role as well,” he said.

“I’m pumped to run Boston. Some friends and family will be going their to cheer me on. The ‘Tarrytown loop’, in Austin which I run often, has a lot of rolling hills, so hopefully that will simulate Heartbreak Hill in Boston. I’d like to run in the neighborhood of 2:35 and I’m hoping the crowd will push me there.”

Upcoming races: Saturday, April 1 at 7:30 a.m. the Bobcat Bonanza 5K at Fellowship Church, Kyle. Saturday, April 1 at 8:00 a.m., the Longhorn 5K/10K run, University of Texas campus, Austin.