Virtual Fittings

Staying active is just as important as ever, and running is one of the best ways to stay active while social distancing. Our store is open to the public again, but we understand that many of you might still have reason to take extra precautions. To help everyone get the gear they need, Ready to Run has launched virtual shoe and bra fittings. Here’s how to schedule an appointment, along with some helpful tips to make your virtual fitting go smoothly.

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  1. Schedule An Appointment

    Schedule and appointment here. Appointments are 30 minutes, but feel free to schedule back-to-back appointments if you feel you will need more time or if you and a family member or friend would like to be fit at the same time.

    Once your appointment is scheduled, you will receive a confirmation via email. An additional reminder will be sent to you 1 hour before your appointment time.

  2. Before Your Appointment

    Make sure you have Zoom installed on your phone or tablet. If possible, have a family member or friend ready to help with aiming the camera for the gait analysis portion of the fitting OR have something to prop your device up on.

    For shoe fittings, have a pair of athletic shoes you’ve used for a while on hand. Our fit specialist will want to see the wear pattern on them and will be able to more accurately determine your size.

    For bra fittings, have a tape measure ready.

  1. Join The Zoom Video Call

    You will receive a text inviting you to join the Zoom video call when it is time for your virtual fitting.

  2. Talk With A Fit Specialist

    Talk one-on-one with one of our fit specialists about your fitness activities, goals, and any issues or injuries you might have.

  3. Sizing, Wear Pattern, and Gait Analysis

    Our fit specialist will help you check the sizing and wear pattern, then perform a traditional gate analysis.

  1. Shoe Recommendations

    Based on your activities, goals, foot type, and gate, our specialist will select a few shoes we know will work for you and explain the fit and benefits of each to you.

  2. Purchase and Delivery

    Once you’ve picked your shoe, our fit specialist will process your payment and you may choose from a number of pick-up and delivery options: contactless curbside pick-up, free same-day local delivery, or free shipping.

Thank you for shopping local!

Stay healthy. Keep running.