The Hypervolt was built to reinvent the massage experience

It’s well-documented that massage has terrific benefits for runners. Whether you do self-massage or have an expert treatment, it helps relax tense muscles. It also has been proven to remove adhesions or minor scar tissue between muscles and fascia. That can help heal injuries, and if you don’t have a problem, removing scar tissue and adhesions can free up you range of motion and prevent future overuse injuries. Those benefits alone are worth any time you allocate to massage. Unneeded tension and adhesions can restrict movement and impair your range of motion, potentially leading to abnormal movement patterns that can cause overuse injuries.

Additionally, some studies show that massage can reduce inflammation, improve immune function, and reduce stress hormones (cortisol). So yeah, regular massage therapy helps prevent running-related injuries, accelerates recovery, and indirectly, can help improve your performance.

Time-obsessed runners may wonder how they can fit in regular massage efficiently and get the most out of it. Well, problem solved. Introducing the Hypervolt, available at Ready to Run.

The Hypervolt “was built to reinvent the massage experience, giving everyone the ability to move better. Featuring a lightweight durable ergonomic design you can take the comfort of relaxation on-the-go.” Designed specifically with athletes in mind, this super-cool running accessory is perfect for home or travel. It allows runners to easily change head attachments and adjust speeds for a customized massage experience.

If you think, “OK, I’ve used massage tools before, so what”? Well, not like the Hypervolt. It has built-in pressure sensor technology gives visual feedback throughout your massage process, to ensure your therapeutic sessions are more accurate.

Another cool thing that separates the Hypervolt from the rest is its design. It’s designed to allow you to get to those difficult spots like hamstrings, and its five different attachment heads can be used to focus in on specific muscles or fascia. No doubt about it, if you’re serious about training consistently, the Hypervolt is definitely on your side!

“The Hypervolt is a new and very unique product that most people haven’t used before,” said Aubri Wolfe, Assistant Manager/Marketing at Ready to Run. “It definitely gets deeper into the tissue, and doesn’t require as much work or strength. It’s hard to get deep into the back and hips with rollers, and the Hypervolt is super effective in those areas. I can also legitimately sit on the couch and get the most out of it, so the convenience is unmatched. Also, the percussion element (pulsing motion) of the gun helps maximize blood flow and speed up recovery more than traditional foam rollers, since they simply compress the muscle. A great gift for holidays!”

Stop by Ready to Run, anytime, and check it out!

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